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From the dawn of human civilization, cities, towns and transportation networks have been built using various types of soils, rocks and stones of different type and size. In today’s modern societies, almost any man-made building and structure is still built with various types and sizes of stone and rock products, in addition to more recent material such as cement, bituminous tar and asphalt.

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Green Dream has become a leading supplier of basic construction materials to state and federal government projects in the US. We supply and deliver aggregates, stone products, precast concrete structures such as pipes and boxes, ready-mixed concrete, bituminous tar, cold and hot mix asphalt. Our materials have been used for diverse applications such as building construction, road and highway construction, river bed remediation, municipal street and sidewalk repairs, sports and playground preparation, and airport runway construction.

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In addition to our superior products and services, we sustainability at all levels of our organization very seriously. We have a deep commitment to our society and environment which stems from our strong sense of responsibility towards our children and the generations to come. We believe the quality of life we all strive to maintain and enhance in our country can only be realized if all of us feel this responsibility, both individually and on group and corporate level.

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